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Bedford Winter Night Shelter

This is Bedford. This is our town, and we need your help! 

This winter, we are opening our doors in the heart of Bedford, to the vulnerable in our town, for Bedford Winter Night Shelter. Starting from 1st December to 29th February, this is a place for the those who need a warm, dry, safe bedspace, food, support and advice.  

The King’s Arms Project has supported the homeless community for over 30 years, with a long history of advocating for and uplifting those on the fringes of society.  Following a change in service provision during covid, this winter there is an increasing number of people who are finding themselves street homeless. The Bedford Winter Night Shelter is a response to this practical need. As the winter approaches, we are facing the prospect of needing to provide around 20 bedspaces per night during the coldest months. Currently these people are scattered around the town, sleeping in tents, bin stores and doorways. We want to bring them into shelter that is warm, safe and dry.  King’s Arms Project has never been just a bedspace. We are aiming for this service to be a place of welcome, community and friendship. We will provide food, clean and comfortable sleeping arrangements and offer advice and support where needed.  

But we cannot do this alone. Your kindness and generosity are needed to provide hope in this season to the most vulnerable and isolated in our town. There are a few ways that you can help with Bedford Winter Night Shelter. We need volunteers, food for dinner and breakfast, and donations. For more information, click the link:  

Volunteer Roles at the Winter Night Shelter

All roles at 56 Harpur Street, Bedford, MK40 2QT

7PM – 10.30/11PM
10.45PM – 7.15AM
7AM – 8.30AM
To support the shift leader in running a welcoming and safe space for rough sleepers seeking shelter for the night.
Welcome guests
Help prepare sleeping are
Help heat up food
Serve guests warm food and drinks
Help maintain a calm and friendly environment
Play games, have chat with guests
Help settle guests for sleeping
To assist overnight security in ensuring a peaceful and safe night for guests.
Monitor movement in the building
Check on sleeping area periodically
Serve drinks if a guest is awake needing refreshment
Prepare kitchen area for breakfast
Process any laundry which needs doing on site
To assist the shift leader in providing breakfast and preparing guests for the day.
Serve breakfast to guests
Help maintain a friendly and calm environment
Help guests prepare for the day
Help clear up sleeping area and kitchen

Help our Guests in Other Ways

Make a meal for our guests at your home
Collect provisions for meals and deliver to KAP
Donate provisions for meals
Our Food Co-ordinator will manage menus. So please get in touch using the form below if this is an option for you.
To ensure that sleeping area is clean and tidy
Check laundry
Organise pick up/drop off from laundry service once a week

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