Children's Ministry Worker

Job Title: Children’s Ministry Leader (ages pre-school to school year 6)

Responsible to: Line Manager and Elders

Location: Bromham Baptist Church, Bromham, Bedfordshire

Post: Part-time (2.5 days per week)

Salary: £10,000 per annum

Deadline: Friday 28th February 2020

For more information or to receive an application form please email or call 01234 822681

Introductory Statement 

Bromham Baptist Church is a friendly fellowship, meeting at the centre of a rural and commuter community. The Church is evangelical and charismatic with a strong desire to reach the community for Christ.

The MISSION of Bromham Baptist Church is:

"To the glory of God, the salvation of Bromham and beyond".

The VISION of Bromham Baptist Church is to be a fellowship of Christ followers who:

  • GATHER under the leadership of the Holy Spirit for worship, fellowship and equipping
  • GROW through the work of the Holy Spirit to be mature disciples of Christ
  • GIVE by the direction of the Holy Spirit of our time, treasure and talents
  • GO in the power of the Holy Spirit to share the Good News of Jesus

We are committed to fulfilling the vision for the church in a relevant way in the 21st century.

Job Purpose 

1 To help children in our fellowship to grow in their faith and to help others who are not yet involved in the Church to explore the Christian faith.

2 To lead and take part in initiatives to reach out to children in the community in Bromham and the surrounding villages.

Job Responsibilities 

Church based activities – Children: 

  • Provide vision, strategy, and development for all Children’s Ministries (ages pre-school to school year 6)
  • To encourage our children in their personal relationship with God through weekly worship, small groups, daily Bible reading and prayer.
  • To help our children to live out the Gospel wherever they are so that they reflect the goodness of Jesus to others.
  • To help our children to discover their gifts and talents so that they might be released in areas of ministry within our church.
  • To encourage children to take an active role in church life and worship.
  • Work alongside and encourage parents, carers and grandparents

Outreach activities – Children: 

  • To bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a relevant way to the children in the local community.
  • To develop and implement strategies for outreach to children in Bromham and surrounding area.
  • To encourage our children to outreach to their peers within Bromham and the surrounding area.
  • To work within local schools, both to encourage Christian children and to engage with and reach out to the un-churched.

Outreach activities - Community: 

These activities seek to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a relevant way to the local community.

  • To lead the Ministry Area and develop existing programmes (such as KingZone, All:Starz, Shuffle and Shake, Mess and Music, etc… ).
  • To work with the Ministry Leader for Local Mission and Youth:
  • To develop and implement new strategies for outreach to those with little or no contact with the church.
  • To develop ways to bridge the gap from outreach into church family.

Team leading: 

  • Ministry Leader for children.
  • To encourage, support and strengthen volunteer leaders and helpers.
  • To identify potential leaders.

Staff responsibilities: 

  • To work effectively with the Elders, other Ministry Leaders and administrators as a member of the Staff Team.
  • To fulfil all Staff Team commitments and meetings as requested by the Associate Minister.

Personal Responsibilities 

  • To maintain a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To be and continue to
    • be an active member of Bromham Baptist Church
    • accept the Beliefs in its Constitution and
    • be committed to its mission and vision.
  • To be a committed member of a Discipleship Group.
  • To model discipleship that encourages, builds and equips others to become disciples of Christ.

Bromham Baptist Church Responsibilities 

  • Encourage, pray and support you in your role.
  • The Associate Minister will be your Line Manager.
  • Pay a salary commensurate with the role and your experience.
  • Provide office facilities within the Church premises.
  • Provide further training as appropriate and agreed with the Line Manager.
  • Reimburse the cost of expenses incurred in the execution of your duties.
  • Reimburse the cost of attendance at appropriate conferences, as agreed with the Line Manager.