What a privilege to pray with 10000 other Christians at Wembley Arena for our nation.

It was a day of intensive spiritual warfare but one of the things coming out of the day concerning Hope

was the emphasis on Unity. Between churches, racial groups, social groups and individuals.

Unity is right up there on The agenda of God and any Move of the Spirit in this nation is dependant 

on that unity. It was one of the last prayers of Jesus on this earth- John 17 21 -that the world may believe.

Where Gods people live in Unity, that's where God commands the blessing so let us do all we can to maintain that unity.

Last night, Sunday 8th September, Hope in Bedfordshire had an amazing evening with Roy Crowne, National Director of Hope

at Bedford Pentecostal Church. 15 different churches were represented and Roy brought a very clear message, that we are all so much stronger working together. It was so encouraging to hear that God is at work throughout the nation, Roy's message was one of great hope to the church in Bedford and neighbouring villages.

Come and join us on the journey and let us see together what God can do.