We’ve got four seminar streams for you to choose from on the day, with three seminars in each. You can pick and mix, so you don’t have to go to just one stream!

The Changing Face of Youth and Children’s Ministry

This stream explores how children’s, school’s and youth ministry look today, and challenges us to ensure that we are meeting the current and future needs of a generation.

What’s Happening

With two seminars and a discussion forum, this stream will inspire you with stories from national and local organisations along with an opportunity to share your own stories to encourage others too.

New Technology

Exploring how and why technology can and should play a part in your work, this stream will get you started, give you ideas and help you understand how to keep yourself and others safe online.

Back to Basics

Whether you’re looking for how to get started running a holiday club, some inspiration for games or a bump start on interactive worship, this ‘hands on’ stream is sure to help you out.

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