Our Events Listings

We realised there’s not many places you can go to find out what churches and Christian organisations in Bedfordshire are running. That’s why our new look website means we can now display listings for your church or Christian organisation’s events!

We charge at a rate of £20 for 25 event credits. When you make your first payment we will send you cards for the site that you can distribute to your members and contacts. See why we chose to charge.

There’s three steps to get started:

1Have a read of our terms and conditions for listing events. They’re just a few guidelines and rules we’d like you to abide by.

2Get set up with an account here.

Why Charge?

We have decided to charge a small fee to cover our costs and discourage minor events from being listed – we don’t want you to list every weekly meeting your church has here! We’ll use any money we make over and above the costs of maintaining the site for projects that fall within our objects – things like getting churches to work together for the benefit of our local area, and organising projects to encourage this in outreach, social action and training.

Terms and Conditions for Events Listings

  1. Events listings must be for events that are primarily Christian, in either that they are run by a church or other Christian organisation. They do not necessarily have to be aimed at only Christians, in fact, we would encourage otherwise! Hope in Bedfordshire works under the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith, and we reserve the right not to list events that would not promote such a standpoint.
  2. The ethos of this site is to promote cross-church working, particularly in the community, and as such, we favour events that are open and accessible to all. Such events may include:

    • special celebrations
    • community events
    • concerts and performances
    • sports fixtures

    We are less likely to list events that will be of less interest to those outside your particular organisation or fellowship, or those which target a small niche group. Such events may include:

    • leadership meetings
    • AGMs
    • weekly prayer meetings open to those who live within 300 yards of a T-Junction, and own more than one dining table.
  3. Submission of an event does not guarantee listing. Hope in Bedfordshire reserves the right to decline to advertise an event, or to withdraw an event’s listing, at any time, for any reason and without notice.

  4. Events are listed at a rate of one credit per event. If an event is not listed, we will not deduct any credits from your account. If an event listing is removed, any refund of credits will be at the discretion of Hope in Bedfordshire. Additionally, depending on the nature of the circumstances surrounding the removal of the event we reserve the right to close your account and refuse to list further events. Again, refund of any unused credits will be at the discretion of Hope in Bedfordshire, and is not guaranteed.

  5. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. You are advised to check back regularly for the latest version. Last updated: 14th September 2010.

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