Hope in Bedfordshire is part of a larger nationwide initiative to see churches working together and doing more for their local communities. It all started in 2008 with Hope ’08. Since then things have moved on and there’s some exciting longer term goals for the initiative. To find out more about what’s going on nationally, visit the national Hope Together website.

Locally, a number of Bedfordshire churches are working together to run events and work in our communities to demonstrate our God given calling to serve those around us. We do this in agreement with the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith.

Finally, we’ve heard there’s a rumour we charge to be a part of Hope. It’s simply not true! Obviously if you’d like to contribute towards meeting the costs of projects we’re running, we’d be grateful, but there is no obligation whatsoever for you to do any such thing! It really is free to take part, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do more, together, in word and action
Imagine all over the country, in communities large and small, churches working together, bringing Jesus’ story alive through word and action.