Inaugural UK Yellow Tour moves onto Bedford for its second week!

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Inaugural UK Yellow Tour moves onto Bedford for its second week!


Friday 24th July 2015

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Christians from across Bedford will gather at Bedford Pentecostal Church, Roise Street in the town this Sunday evening (Tuesday 21st July) to welcome the inaugural Yellow Tour as it begins the second week of its national tour.


The Yellow Tour will see 27 Italians, supported by Soabath Missions in Milian begin a month long tour of the UK, visiting 5 towns and cities to share the Gospel in creative ways. The tour, known as the Yellow Tour, has been communicating the Christian message in many countries but this will be the first time, the team has come to the UK.


Named the Yellow Tour because of the Yellow t-shirts that the team wear to make them stand out will see daily performances for all the family.


Throughout July and into August, the team will be visiting St Albans, Bedford, Peterborough, Woking and concluding in London.


During the tour, the team will be taking part in a number of Celebrations for Christians across the areas they are visiting. However, the main focus will be preforming Gospel presentations in public spaces.


In Bedford, the team will be performing at the Elstow Abbey Holiday Club Street Party.


During each week of the tour, there will be Connect4Life sessions for those who the team has met during their performances to meet on a one to one basis over coffee to chat more informally about how people can take forward exploring the Christian faith in more specific ways. The Beford Connect4Life takes places on Monday 3th August 2015 at The Fountain, 9 Thurlow Street, Bedford at 7.30pm.


Throughout the tour, Pastor Roselen Faccio from Soabath Ministries in will be meeting with Church Leaders to see how this tour can be developed in the coming years.


Pastor Roselen Boerner Faccio was born in Campinas, Brazil on 11th May 1969. At the young age of just 13 she had an experience with Jesus which changed her life and that of her family also. She began to speak to young people and then this developed into opportunities to speak in various places and increasing numbers of people within the Catholic Charismatic renewal.

At 19 during a visit to Italy God put in her heart a desire to remain in that nation after seeing a lot of religious behaviour but little faith. There was no longer the sort of faith that was seen at the start of Christianity.

Later, after a long experience and study of the Roman Catholic Church and life as a Nun of the Francescana Order in Umbria, she left the organisation having felt at the time that it no longer aligned with the the Christianity preached by Jesus and his apostles.

During one of her trips to Brazil she was ordained as a Pastor and in 1994 founded the Sabaoth Ministries work in Milan.

The Church has grown from year to year through various evangelistic initiatives which having a vision to conquer the nation for Jesus, particularly appeals to young people and performing artists.

God has confirmed the mandate given to pastor Roselen on a number of occasions, whose greatest desire is to actively assist or participate in the revival of faith in Italy.

Pastor Roselen is noted for her dynamic preaching and her passion for the Gospel. She has chose not to marry in order to dedicate herself to others, the church and to foreign mission programmes which become richer all the time.

Roselen has written a number of books used in the Sabaoth Ministries Bible School and through the nation. The most popular of which is her biography ‘You and God’, which is is loved by young people and tells about her various adventures with Jesus from the start of her faith and the initiation of the Sabaoth Church.


Reflecting on Yellow Tour ahead of its arrival, Pastor Lionel Wallace, Coordinator in the UK said:


“It has been a pleasure to coordinate the Yellow Tour coming to the UK from Milan. I believe this tour will be significant for the towns which the team will visit.The whole aim of the Yellow Tour is to support and encourage the local church as we share the truly transforming message of Jesus. 


Having seen the team in Milan, there presentations and performances are fantastic and I would encourage anyone living close to where the team are visiting to come and see them.


I am expectant of hearing people through this Yellow Tour and seeing how we can develop the number of areas we will visit in the coming years!”




Note to Editors


Pastor Lionel Wallace and Pastor Roselen Faccio are available for interview with prior arrangement. (details below)


Attached is a copy of the Bedford programme for the Yellow Tour.


You can also watch a video of the Yellow Tour in Milan on


All media opportunities should be directed to Adam May, Communications and Media Officer for the Yellow Tour on 07736 949 869 (24 hours) or

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