Seminar Recordings Available to Download

We have a selection of seminar recordings from the Hope for the Future Conference now available to purchase and download below.

We are not offering downloads from the main auditorium for sale because of a problem we encountered with the recording device in there – meaning the recordings were of very low quality. If you have ordered a recording from any of these sessions we will be contacting you shortly with our apologies and a refund. As a goodwill gesture we will also supply the recording that we do have of the session, although poor quality, we hope it will still be of use.

If you have a promotional code to download the recordings, please add the recordings to your basket and you will be given the chance to enter it before you reach checkout.

Seminar Recording: What’s Happening Locally

Hosted by Hope in Bedfordshire

What new projects are taking place in and around Bedfordshire at the moment and how can you get involved? Key local practitioners share the latest news about the projects that they are involved in to inspire you to get involved.

Includes contributions from Hope in Bedfordshire, IMPACT, Open the Book and The Fountain.

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Seminar Recording: New Technologies, New Opportunities

Rev Pam Smith
Priest in Charge of i-church

How do we interact with a generation who are equally at home in a virtual community as in a physical community? What opportunities do these new technologies offer us and what does it all mean anyway? This seminar will make you aware of the variety of opportunities that technology provides to grow your children's and youth ministry.

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Seminar Recording: New Technologies, New Tools

David Tree & Ally Pool

Our children and young people have grown up surrounded by equipment that was unheard of a few years ago. How can we make use of the tools that they are so at home with? How will these help us to communicate our message more effectively than before? This seminar will give you an overview of a variety of tools available and how they can be used with children and young people.

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Seminar Recording: New Technologies, Working Safely

Claudia Bell

A few horror stories can fill us with fear and frighten us away from some of the latest innovations and technologies, but are we, and our young people, missing out as a result? How can we ensure that we work safely whilst making use of the technology our young people are at home with? This session will equip you with all you need to know about e-safety to keep you, and your young people, safe.

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